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The most powerful way for cryptocurrency investors to protect themselves from the IRS

Guard Dog watches out for the IRS so you don't have to!  

An image of a charming guard dog wearing sunglasses, sitting in front of a laptop. The dog seems to be enthusiastically explaining the benefits of monthly tax reports, acting as a friendly and approachable. The background showcases an email overviewing various aspects of IRS account monitoring, including compliance status, open examinations, collections, lien activity, ID theft flag, penalty abatement opportunities, audit flags, and unreported income indicators.

Getting an IRS Guard Dog membership is the most powerful way for any cryptocurrency investor to protect themselves from the IRS.

Navigate the labyrinthine tax concerns with IRS Guard Dog - Your steadfast ally in monitoring, consulting, fixing, auditing, and appealing IRS issues, ensuring you are not alone in facing the IRS, every step of the way
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IRS Guard Dog protects you by watching out for the IRS. 

What is Guard Dog?

Guard Dog provides you with a monthly summary of the health of your IRS account.

> It can detect a potential IRS audit up to six months in advance
- allowing you to correct any issues and potentially avoid an audit, saving you the financial costs and mental stress of a lengthy IRS audit.

> It detects when a taxpayer has underreported their income on a prior tax return
- preventing the most common type of IRS audit.

> It identifies when a taxpayer is eligible for a potential refund of an IRS penalty
- something the IRS never tells you about. 

Being an Guard Dog member gives you access to a team of experts that can assist you in resolving any existing or future IRS issues or audits, all at a reasonable cost.

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Choose the membership level that fits your needs. We offer a 90-day money-back guarantee so there’s no reason not to start today!

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We’ll verify your identity, and you’ll complete the IRS authorization form quickly and easily online.

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In about 30 days, you'll receive your first monthly summary report. Then you can understand where you stand with the IRS!

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Our advanced technology continuously monitors your IRS account 

  • You get a monthly report highlighting the current status of your IRS account.
  • Identifying changes that you need to know about.
  • Guard Dog can detects when the IRS flags one of your tax years for an audit 2-6 months in advance.
  • The experts at  Guard Dog are leaders in defending investors in audits of crypto income.
  • Guard Dog can dig up hidden refunds that the IRS won't tell you about. 

Are you ready to have your taxes done well?


Who are the experts at Guard Dog?

Guard Dog is a service offered by CryptoTaxAudit, a Delaware entity. We have defended crypto investors in IRS audits of their crypto income. We have in-house gain analysts, forensic accountants, and legal experts. We developed the monitoring offering to give investors an advance warning of IRS actions. Our full membership offering is perfect to contain the significant legal costs of a crypto audit and appeal.

Getting started is easy!

Hidden Refunds
Roberto in Florida signed up after experiencing an IRS audit. We reviewed his initial summary report and identified he was eligible for a hidden refund of a previous penalty from the audit, saving him over $15,000

Audit Alert
Guard Dog alerted Chris in California of a pre-audit flag that appeared on his IRS account. We consulted with Chris and implemented a plan that addressed the issues and avoided the audit!

Debt Resolution
Michael, an investor from Ohio, owed significant taxes on his gains. We worked with the IRS and structured a payment plan to pay off his balance due over 7 years. This allowed him to maintain his investments and improve his monthly cash flow.

Have other IRS problems?

Guard Dog has a pack of experts to chase those problems away. 
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